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Whether it’s a need to reduce dependence on the national grid and achieve security of supply for manufacturing, or a concern for the planet and a drive for more sustainable operations, South African businesses are increasingly exploring alternative and renewable energy solutions.

Smart, sustainable energy solutions help to achieve energy efficiency, future-proof the business and build operational resilience in South Africa’s unstable power environment. Reduced energy costs and reduced carbon footprint are further benefits, while onsite renewable energy generation provides back-up power supply that removes the risk of production downtime due to loadshedding and vandalism of public electricity infrastructure.
The opportunity to further reduce your energy bill by “feeding in” surplus energy to the grid and tax benefits on depreciation and reduced carbon tax liability make renewable energy installation an attractive financial proposition.
Renewable energy solutions such as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems deliver significant return on investment after a payback period averaging 5 years, with a long lifespan of 20 years or more.  The initial outlay is high, even prohibitive for smaller businesses, but The Rental Company’s innovative, tailor-made asset finance solutions put your business’s sustainability goals within reach.

Renewable energy asset financing makes sustainable business sense

The Rental Company’s in-house knowledge and extensive networks with renewable energy suppliers and funders give you access to solutions custom-made to your business’s specific needs on the most favourable financial terms.

We’re able to source and assess a wide variety of options, enabling you to make an informed decision on the equipment and financing arrangement that best suit your business.

With our 16 years’ plus experience in asset financing, we’ll help you maximise the tax advantages and structure a deal that works with your cash flow cycles.

Asset financing of your renewable energy solution gives you the flexibility to upgrade and expand as needed, further enhancing the energy cost reduction and sustainability benefits, and to stay at the cutting-edge of energy efficiency technology.

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